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If you’re a “Do It Yourself” kind of person, then you want a Donaldson Dock!

We take pride in making our dock installation easy. With just a little help from our step-by-step instructional DVD, your new dock will be ready for the lake in no time.

The unique, innovative design of Donaldson Docks allows you to hook dock sections together starting from the shoreline and drive in their poles without ever having to get wet!

If you plan on self-installation and removal, we’ll provide you with a specially engineered tool — The Stantion — to help keep the sections level and stabilized while erecting your dock. With just a few simple tools and a little bit of work, you can set up your new dock just the way you want it.

But if you aren’t a handyman, no problem! Donaldson Docks can supply removal and installation services for your dock year-after-year for a minimal fee.

Initial installation in the Iowa Great Lakes Area is included with the purchase of your Donaldson Dock.

Discover how easy dock installation can be with Donaldson Docks.

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